Blanket Tee (New World Order)


Failed Attempt at a New World Order. They came, they saw, they tried to conquer. Their weapons of choice - treaties, residential schools, and ... BLANKETS. Infected with smallpox and distributed to indigenous peoples, this early, crude form of germ warfare was very effective.


We are still here and more powerful than ever!

Wrap our blanket T around you and wear with pride. You're a true survivor.

Beautiful 4-colour, water-based silkscreen print on a premium, pre-washed soft, 100% cotton, cream colour shirt.

Unisex sizes S-3XL

Why we switched to water-based inks:
As Indigenous people, we are stewards of the land, we need to lead by example. So from this point forward, we are walking the talk. No more toxic solvents or inks on any of our new shirts. We now use water based inks exclusively! No solvents or chemicals! Now printed on soft premium cotton shirts. Unlike typical screen printing, where plastisol ink is layered on top of the shirt, these inks are printed right into the fabric of the shirt. After washing a few times, you will not feel a heavy layer of ink, like most printed t-shirts, just soft cotton.

This is our small part in keeping our water clean for generations to come. We know you feel the same, and we hope you show your support at our online store or at our booth on the powwow trail. Miigwech/Nya:wen/Thank you!

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