Who is Nate?

NATE (We Are Nate Inc.), was recently launched in June 2015, to fill the need for alternative designs in the pow wow apparel market. It is the next level of business for a young Aboriginal couple, John & Deanne Hupfield, who started Aboriginal Apparel and hit the pow wow trail several years ago. They recently joined forces with Dean & Susan Mitchell of the Toronto based, Aboriginal-owned Graphic Design firm - Fresh Art & Design Inc., creating NATE (We Are Nate Inc.), to bring our designs to everyone, everywhere on Turtle Island. We hope you like them, drop us a line and let us know at: nate@wearenate.com


Deanne, John, Susan & Dean


Above left: Deanne & John Hupfield, with their daughter Niimin; Above right: Susan & Dean Mitchell

Our Goal

Nate's purpose as a brand, is to build up the Aboriginal Community, using the Minobimaadsawin Medicine Wheel model, which includes purpose, self esteem, identity and belonging.  When we design our shirts, our website, our blog content, we create from Minobimaadsawin's business model. 

We sell pow wow oriented streetwear, with an Aboriginal focus like "Life Giver"and "Rez Dawg". With shirts like "Tkaranto", we hope to build awareness about the history of Toronto - where we live, work and play.  

We Are Nate and Fresh Art & Design are proud supporters of the Native community.

  • Nate is owned and operated by 4 partners:

  • Deanne Hupfield

  • John Hupfield

  • Susan Mitchell

  • Dean Mitchell

  • Contact us at: nate@wearenate.com